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Quote-You Tube- Celine Dion- Goodbye’s (the saddest word)

In loving memory of my mom ….. “GOODBYE’S THE SADDEST WORD”……  by Celine Dion
Mom we all know that you are happy out there where you are now. We all love you and missed
you so much ………. may you rest in peace………. “DEAR MOM” ………WE LOVE YOU……..
“GOODBYE DEAR MOM” A year had passed, it’s still difficult for me to accept the fact, that someone who gave my life and
loved that much is gone forever, working this phase of acceptance is very  hard . It’s difficult to work
it out but I’m trying my best, because I know my mom’s very happy out there, where she is now …..

Travelling through rough roads, a very difficult journey for  my mom to sacrifice,fight and bare due to
her illnness. During these difficult journey, there were laughters, sorrows, anger and hope but nevertheless
we were united to travel into these rough roads to find success. Meanwhile, she was especially hopeful that
we will be able to reach the plains and no more rough roads to bare, but unfortunately our beloved Mom
was completely pulled out from these journey and lost her route forever. Until this time, a year’s gone it’s
still difficult to accept that she’s gone forever, but time will help to heal the pain and sorrow.
“Travelled Through Rough Roads”

You Tube:  You Raise Me Up-Charice

You Raise Me Up …… Mom