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Believe it or Not



Believe it or Not

I don’t know if you believe it or not. Just about 2 and a half years ago my mother passed away. It was December16, 2007. At this times people are busy preparing for the Christmas festivities. About 2 1/2 weeks before she past away, for the first time my mom was interested to join video chats with me together with my two nieces and my dad. It was a wonderful video chats with them because I haven’t seen them for a couple of years. My mom was looking so wonderful, happy and so pretty. In the course of our chats, I said to my mom Oh! you look so pretty like an angel and she was just laughing about it. My dad just sat down at the back where my late mom was. After the long chats with everybody, we had made an appointment to video chat again after two weeks. A couple of days later, I phoned my parents and asked them how they were and and she said, she was so happy to have joined this chat, but was complaining of slow pulse rate. The following day was brought to the hospital only for a routine check up and see what was wrong, but the doctors advised her to stay in the hospital. That was on the 12th of Dec, was actually again two weeks before our intended chat together. But unfortunately 13th of Dec. on her sleep she went in to a coma, her doctor said it will be a new life if she will overcome and wake up after 2 days. But in between, I tried to talk to her on the phone, I’m sure she still heard me, my daughter talked to her too and they said that her tears rolled out of her eyes. That night 2 and a half days before she passed away, the Doctors and nurses tried to do all the best they could to save her but unfortunately, she went. I got a call early morning, they said she’s gone. I have to fly over to see my mom for the last time

Then came the worse thing, no flight available, only business and first class flights available. Overnight being at internet to see what flight were available, even my relatives in London tried to help me book for any flight available ..but no luck for 2 days. But at the end of this second day, there was a single flight available but I have to wait the following day at 1p.m. Luckily I had the flight on the 19th, it was only me then who could travel at that day. Anyhow, I was a bit enlightened that I could fly. Was a long journey but in a way I was happy that I was there to see my mom for the last time.

I reached my parents’ house late, friends and relatives were around. My niece brought my things to the spare bedroom and was a room where sometimes my late mom sleeped, they said. We had to wait after Christmas for the burial, because no burial appointments to be carried out at Christmas time.

Anyway, as I said, I was at that room where my mom used to sleep. I had a short sleep in the afternoon, that was again on the second day after I arrived there, I just came out of the bedroom and closed the door and suddenly the door knob was turning around strongly. I called all of them and showed them what was happening but my niece said, it’s the children upstairs playing, just probably to calm me down.I was puzzled because, I looked at the walls and the door again and asked myself, how could the door knob turn around, even if the children are running around, I thought it’s impossible. Everyone in the family who were there didn’t say anything because, they knew I was the only one sleeping in that bedroom. They all tend to say so many alibis but I just took it so easy because, before I never believed in any sort of things which are actually unusual.

On the 29th of Dec. was the burial and we were all supposed to be ready at 7 a.m. Ceremony starts at 8a.m. As we were all getting ready to get out of the house, I was almost the last one to finish. Everyone were waiting at the setting room, my bedroom was just directly parallel to the setting room where everyone were waiting. I closed the bedroom door and suddenly the door knob turned again really strongly, that’s for the second time. Everyone were watching and my dad opened the door and said we don’t want to lack you up in that bedroom, talking to my mom. I never believed in such things never before, but it happened twice and it was not coincidence. First time I thought I was hallucinating but many of us seen it and it happened the second time.

Believe it or not?




You meet people who forget you, you forget people who you meet but sometimes

You meet those people you can’t forget and those are your ” True Friends ” Take

care … a stress free and wonderful new week wishes for all