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A Travel To The Past

Wisconsin Dells … A Travel To The Past

The Lower Dells of the Wisconsin River … Rocky Islands are the best feature in our trip. As we went through we noticed that there are many caves and crevices cut by the relentless river over the past years. Just east of the Dells, Glaciers have covered this area. Geologist say that the waters of the melting glacial ice and the Wisconsin River wriggled their way through the layers of sand stone, they say some are harder than the others, forming the fantastic shapes we see today. Many formations have been named for their resemblance of familiar objects like, the “COW in the Milk Bottle”.The Indians say the serpent wriggled its way through cracks in the rocks forming the Dells. The Wisconsin Dells consist of Lower and Upper Dells.  It was a very worthwhile,wonderful and adventurous boat trip and visit to WISCONSIN  DELLS. ” I had beautiful memories visiting into the past.”

Witches Gulch                                                                            Cow in the milk bottle

The Lone Rock

In Lone Rock, the Winnebago believed, lived one of the  spirits of the Dells in it’s many caves. Below this rock island the scenery of Dells comes to an end through the whim of the Glacier which laid it’s heavy hand across the bed of river flattening the sandstone ridge into glacial ribble.Today the Lower Dells area is as nature fashioned  it fromtime immemorial unchangedby dams raising water levels which drown many of a river timeless wonders.

my photos

The Sugar Bowl..  Photo by Ben Johnson.

The Sugar Bowl

The sugar bowl is the three rocky islands to be seen on the lower dells boat trip.it appears to have cut off from the Grotto Rock which juts out towards it from the right.The caves in Grotto Rocks are called Caves of NA-HU-UA. Winnebago word for large fish or sturgeon.Indian’s fires in the caves would attract bugs, the sturgeons followed the insects and the fish could be easily netted or separated in the caves.

The early settlers of Wisconsin..Winnebago Indians

This branch of the Sioux nation, a woodland tribe have lived in this area for hundreds of years and many still make their homes here.They lived in peace with the white settlers and have never been on a reservation. An attempt was made in 1874 to move them with their chief, Yellow Thunder to Iowa. Many returned immediately to their homeland.

H.H. Bennett captured much with his camera at the end of the last century.The Swallow family pictured on the left wear typical dress while seated  in their summer Wigwaum. Young Eagle on the right shows the most elaborate man’s costume.

legends abound by and about the Winnebago  but it is recorded that Chief Black Hawk was captured by Cheetar and One-Eyed Decorah near the Dells.Their language and tradition are preserved in the local museums and the Stand Rock Indian Ceremonial.

Related during the boat trip. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

photo by H.H. Bennett Studio Wisconsin



Beautiful Photos

in Brazil

Beautiful black and white photo-I love it In Amazon… true colors ..I love it..
the wonder of nature, so beautiful!
This photo fascinates me so much… a simple life 


Cores ..Brazil

Indios in Brazil …Happy Children


Thank you Jussara for letting me use these photos from your album.

Struggles of native people and traditional populations of the Xingu

Help save our beautiful nature and the people

Subject: : thanks
Sent: August 11 3:23 AM

Thank you, dear Connie, for your wonderful friendship and kind words.
The peoples of the Xingu lived horrible moments of pressure
and the threat of seeing their territory flooded, destroyed forever:
animals, forests, everything would be flooded to build a hydroelectric.
The struggle of indigenous and traditional people’s region
against the
construction of the dam was enormous, but the government was insensitive
to the cries of indigenous people, the Brazilian’s (large population)did not
know what was happening. Indigenous would extinctingish, because they
would lose their land, their way of life and
be placed in prefabricated houses,
could no longer feed themselves with their traditional foods,  lost their values,
their tradition, their health, their life. They are forest dwellers, they live in the
woods, they would not survive in prefabricated houses and eating fast food.
It would be a crime, a crime against the planet Earth. But the American film
director (who directed the film Avatar) came to Brazil together with actors
and he saw what they were doing with the region and with indigenous, he
denounced the Brazilian government, was so intimidated. The bidding process
for construction of the dam was suspended by a judge, but the danger remains,
there is still great danger, we are attentive to each government movement.
The danger continues …
Thank you, Connie, for your friendship and attention, take care my dear
have a great wednesday. Yes, we deserve a better world.
Best regards, hugs, Jussara