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What are dreams?  How do we define dreams? What’s the meaning of  a dream? …

We often have dreams, but we wake up  not being able to remember what we dreamt about. Some dreams are scary, some are so beautiful ,that we wanted to sleep longer and be able to continue what we’ve been dreaming of at that moment, some  dreams seems to be really real but you wake up …” was only a dream.” To have dreamt of the same dream three consecutive times is somewhat  unusual.

To start with , I was walking  on the hillsides  passing through beautiful , colorful flowers, plants and gardens and  somewhat  similar to these photo below….

italy, marche, urbania 2 (2)122254859596683 (2)

Was so happy walking, passing all the beautiful sceneries and I said to myself, I’ll come here for holiday, I just kept on  and on walking, enjoying how beautiful the  hillside was.  After awhile I sat down  had a rest and suddenly I was viewing  a place similar to the picture below , on the hill was a big , beautiful white castle. I sat down  and was just so impressed how beautiful the place was. After awhile, I started walking again , viewing all beautiful sceneries as I passed by  .On the hill  top … in my dream was big white castle. I kept on walking but it  seemed I was losing my track to reach the hill where the castle was. I was going toe and froe but was the most difficult thing to reach. ( the castle ). But I kept climbing the hill on and on  and end up going back to where I started walking., but my first dream ended here.

28spog4 (2) 2ep7wno

A week later, my second dream started the same like my first one ,  I walked and walked viewing all the beautiful places I’ve seen on my first dream. And this time I said to my self, I would like to reach that beautiful place  and the castle. I was happy being able to reach the place where the castle was. At the entrance were two long and huge stairs, one left and one right, stairs meeting  at both sides of a huge porch. At the center was a huge entrance … I went in to the huge door, got inside,  but inside was like a train station,  there were many people waiting for the train to come.  Inside was impossible to get to the other side , into the inside part of the castle. I walked around  and suddenly I found again two  stairs, one on the  left and  one on the right hand side,  in the middle was  just like a huge  hall way. I got inside passing to all beautiful rooms, ugly rooms, smelly toilets, beautiful stairs, there were beautiful music playing around ,rooms were  almost all open, while passing by I could see all of them talking, but no one seems to notice me passing by. While going around I have to walk through the stairs  like a serpentine. Suddenly I came to a  part where everything were a bit darker and  walk through stairs on and on and suddenly was only a hanging stairs  where I can get through, It took me awhile to think  how will I be able to  pass through this hanging stairs. I jumped down and landed to a stairs where one green   galvanized coffin was lying around . I knocked loudly on to this coffin thinking was a door and suddenly it opened  so loud like a bomb and a dead person came out, then one man came telling that person from the coffin off. I continued going down through this serpentine stairs and ended through the entrance where I came in. I got out of this white castle , started going back to where I came from in the first place. . From far I could see  all the beautiful sceneries  ,gardens and beautiful flowers. I carried on walking …walking without end, until I reached  like this way at the  right photo below.

scenery33422 (2)walk2

My dream continued….I walked and walked passing through places like these below, some are so beautiful, some are so rough and

plces 2mct6bt (2)

some are so dangerous but still went on and on but never been tired. After these  I was riding on  a very old bus which was travelling on these rough roads. In my dream these roads were so dangerous and so scary that one wrong move in driving then the bus would fall down  to a creek. The bus manage to pass through this very rough roads and after awhile the end station of the bus was on the middle of nowhere  and we all have to get off the bus. I continued walking with the other passenger of the bus.  The road was plain and was  very smooth long road. After awhile I noticed the that road where  I was walking through gets rough again and suddenly was  becoming dark and getting late. I noticed in this walk I was suddenly alone, I got so scared  that someone would pick me up or even kill me or whatever danger could come up. I just walked and walked without end until a light shines from far and find my way again.I followed the light up through a hill and came up leading me to the main road and I woke up…

hope 1sl2sn9

a couple weeks later …Is a dream which  the most part of it was my first dream…it seemed I was having a holiday..  I was riding on a plane, but I was on top of the  wing of the airplane with my arms spread like a wing. On this airplane ride, I could see from above all the places I’ve seen and  got  through in my previous dreams. I said to myself in this dream…”wow so wonderful.” It was awhile before the plane landed. So I got off the plane and walked up the hill where plenty cherry blossom blooms… similar to the photo below …On this hill where the cherry blossom blooms… There were people looking so happy,  playing guitars  and singing. At the side of these cherry trees was  a huge sort of a white castle again but was looking so transparent and this castle was supposed to be the hotel where we left our things.There was a lady  inside this castle I’ve spoken to in my dream..asking where our luggage were,  the lady told me to get a bus, because our luggage were transferred,  so I  did  took a bus together with some who were there at that place where I was.

cherrie blossom1

The bus came and drove us supposedly to where our luggage were, but then I noticed was going to lead us in wrong direction , we did ask the driver to stop and so we all  got off the bus Another bus came and brought us all to the hotel where we left our luggages .I got off the bus and then found out where our belongings were and I woke up…..  These Were My  Impossible Dreams

GOODNIGHT MY FRIENDS ….. wish you  all a beautiful,  pleasant  and wonderful dreams …



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  1. Reblogged this on Yesterday.. Today and..Tomorrow.

    February 16, 2012 at 7:28 pm

  2. That is a lot of walking for a woman to do, all within a matter of a few hours (which is a rough guess at probably how long your dreams were altogether in total). I’m curious – did you feel refreshed or exhausted upon awaking? And what type of shoes were you wearing, Connie? They must have been the kind with comfort soles or gel filling because I never heard you complaining once throughout the telling of your journeys. Just from listening to your visions, it would appear to me that your are a very strong woman who loves challenges & seeing them through. I really enjoyed this blog & guess what? This is the very 1st time I’ve come here in a long time but I could not resist myself today after I noticed you had written about dreams which are one of my fave topics. By the way, I also love the colours of your page. They really strike the mood, don’t they? I’m not meaning this in a dull way, for as you probably know by now, I have loved the mysterious & the macabre since I was a little child.

    Before I leave here, I’d just like to say a big HI to your friends I noticed at a glance but I’m not reading their comments tonight. I’m very sore from shovelling as well as writing stories & typing them out in my new spot in here. Take care, dear lady!

    January 13, 2011 at 12:10 am

  3. Thanks so much lady Jude and Seth for helping me interpret my dreams… with love always~connie

    _█████████__████ (¯`v´¯)█
    ██████████████ (¯`(●)´¯)█
    ███████████████ (_.^._)█
    +████████████ (¯`v´¯)███
    +_███████████ (¯`(●)´¯)█
    +___██████████ (_.^._)█
    _(¯≻ ✿ ≺¯)____██___(¯≻ ✿ ≺¯)
    will not be in for awhile.. see you soon!
    (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥)
    with love always ~ hugs~

    January 6, 2011 at 7:42 pm

  4. SethPopowich

    When we sleep, we lose consciousness of ourselves. We do not know what happens to us or even our body, at least I don’t. But our subconscious mind still keeps on working. Depending upon our desires, thoughts and events, we come across as dreams. Usually, dreams are pleasant. However, sometimes they may be frightening causing nightmares, which is what I tend to have more of. But they are only our frightened fears and emotions that take form of pictures, so I keep telling myself.
    I kind of like Lady’s Jude’s interpretation of your dream. All she says seems quite reasonable. She’s a smart Lady. Never less, I do hope that you have more dreams… pleasant dreams.

    January 5, 2011 at 5:11 am

  5. Dreams of driving are about needing to take control of our own lives, it’s meaning is to lead and not to follow. Do you feel as if your life is going round and round in circles and you need to make some firm decisions in your life. The house dream would be how your own home life is and it’s seems fill of stress.
    So take it easy for a while and make some good decisions where you want your life to lead in the New Year.

    Wish you luck
    Hugs Lady Jude

    January 3, 2011 at 7:01 am

    • Thanks Lady Jude for your worthful interpretation of my dreams .hugs~connie

      January 3, 2011 at 10:36 am

  6. Dreams…train of thoughts, images ,fancies passing through the mind during sleep

    The photos I have added were really quite similar and are only good description how my dreams were ….
    hugs and smiles~

    January 3, 2011 at 3:16 am

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